Photo by  Agustín Lautaro
Photo by Agustín Lautaro

Falabella’s are those wonderful tiny little horses of Argentina. They are like the American Morgan horses but the Falabella’s bodies and heads are in total proportion where as The Morgan’s heads are large and their bodies are smaller in proportion. 

My childhood friend married an Argentine named Alejandro who has a ranch and raises them. When I visited he had 300 head.  At the ranch I saw a 25 foot long conference table and I knew this is where he did all the negotiating.  I then asked him two questions. 

The first was;  who were the smartest negotiators and without missing a beat, he said “The Dutch.” and  I agreed, knowing they were the worlds original bankers. Then I said; who gave you the hardest time.  Alejandro’s face twisted and said; “The Japanese”. I said why?  He said, every month two different set of people came to look over the horses for two (2) years.. When they arrived they were always expressionless and  hardly spoke a word.  Finally after two (2) years of this going on every month  I said “Alright already, take the damn horses already!  I just wanted them off my ranch….


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