Photo by  Michele Francioso
Photo by Michele Francioso

In October 2012,  I toured parts of Vatican City which is the smallest country in the world with two of the clergy from The Legionnaires of Christ. Father Montanaro and Brother Ryan were my guides.  We started at St. Peter’s Basilica in the lower level surrounding the tomb of St Peter who was the founder of the Roman Catholic Church.  After we left The Basilica we proceeded to The Vatican Museum and viewed their wonderful art collection. 

From there we proceeded to The Sistine Chapel where Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the vault of the ceiling called;  “The Creation of Adam.”  While in The Sistine Chapel, Father Montanaro said I think I know the guard here and asked me if I would like to see The Room of Tears.  I said what is that?  Then Father Montanaro proceeded to tell me this is where the newly elected Pope goes to sign the doctrine making it official that he is The Pope and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. 

He said;  “and before that happens, there are three vestments waiting in different sizes and The Pope tries all three on to see which one fits the best.  Once he signs the doctrine he is then given a set of keys to Vatican City and he cries with tears of joy.  As he gathers his thoughts he is then escorted down a narrow corridor to the famous balcony we all see on television to meet his flock for the very first time.”  

When I entered the room I was not surprised that it was very modest in size being about 150 square feet in total.  It had one small wooden desk and chair which was situated in the middle of the room. The room was painted off white and was so modest I thought  could have been at my grandma’s old apartment in Brooklyn.  Behind the desk & chair was a small rectangle window narrowing at the top pointing to heaven and a nearby crucifix. 

Who knew in a few months Pope Francis would be here sitting right here at this desk?  Talk about being ahead of the pack  





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