Photo Credit:   tiarescott    in Flickr
Photo Credit: tiarescott in Flickr

If anyone has gone to the island at St. Barth’s in the Caribbean, one way to get there is by a small aircraft that holds about ten to twelve people and it is nicknamed a puddle jumper.  When you take off from Martinique you fly over this huge mountain at St Barth’s and on the other side is the airport. 

The only way the plane can land onto their short runway safety, the pilot needs to shut off the planes engines in mid-air on top of the mountain.  If you do not shut the engines completely you will overshoot the runway and end up in the ocean.  Something about hearing the motors stop in mid-air has a sense of daringness, or craziness, you decide? 

Don’t worry, if this is too daring they have a lovely ferry that will take you there and the ride is delightful and it is no longer than one hour.